Scented 8 oz. Candle

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  • Scented 8 oz. Candle
  • Scented 8 oz. Candle
  • Scented 8 oz. Candle
  • Scented 8 oz. Candle

BeebearPro scented candles come in an 8oz. glass amber jar with a lid. They are made with soy coconut wax, a cotton paper wick, and the finest quality fragrances that are free of phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, and toxins.

35+ hour burn time

A calming mix of incense and wood.

Taste of India
A sweet spice bazar.

Intensely earthy and smoky.

Lively blend of citrus punch and herbal florals.

Turks & Caicos
A fun blend of tropical fruits and florals.

Seasonal Scents
Evergreen - Winter
Georgia Currant - Summer
Desert Rose - Fall/Winter


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  • Turks and Caicos
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  • Evergreen
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  • Taste of India
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