Candle Care

Candle Hugging
The best time to "Hug" your candle is a few minutes after you candle has been extinguished. The wax should be soft and moldable. Next, cup your hands around the outside/soft part of the candle. Hug the wax in towards the wick forming a dome.

This action brings the outer wax over the flame allowing it to be melted into the wax pool upon next burn; resulting in a longer burn time and less waste.

Extinguishing Candle Flame - Smoke Free
Using a non flammable stick, push the wick into the wax pool until the flame goes out. Lift the wick out of the pool and straighten it. If any debris falls into the wax pool, pick it out with the stick. This method is smoke free and strengthens the wick by covering it in a layer of wax.